Bottom up ideas in present moment awareness

Bottom up ideas in present moment awareness

My blog has been quiet lately. I’ve been waiting for the big inspiration, the big viral, the enlightened series of creative blogs. But the big idea was not materializing. In hindsight, I’ve experienced this before.

My insight, that I forgot about again, is during immersion and experiencing a strong feeling or idea in the present moment, I am in the zone to receive other insightful ideas. When I resonate the ideas propagate. I realized that it is only when I embody and am totally involved in some profound idea, experience or insight that the door stays open for more ideas and the energy to carry them forward.

So as I am creating a new program right now on intuition development, called Intuit and DO IT, I realize I need reminding to practice what I preach – to intuit or resonate with truth or inspiration and quickly write it down and share it.

When it feels right, it flows because the energy is still there. I had a few insights days ago, wrote a short note, and now the energy of the experience has shifted and I find it harder to connect with and write about that fading insight. So my learning (again) is to – Work IN the energy not ON the energy. To be open to receiving the energy or insight instead of making up something and forcing it.

With this re-realization and my new 2014 re-commitment, I look forward to sharing with you consistently on this Higher Awareness blog as ideas and wisdom moves through me.

So next time intuition or something resonates deeply within you, take action immediately in the present moment. It may be the only time that action is meaningful and appropriate.

Meeting you in Higher Awareness!

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