Seize the day – Clarity of purpose and meaning awaits you

Purpose brings clarity, meaning and inner power. Some of us are afraid of owning our own power. We may feel discomfort when we realize that if we know our purpose, we’ll be responsible for living it.

The rewards of connecting with our purpose are so great! We get self esteem, self worth, energy,  satisfaction, meaning, gratitude, joy, confidence, a life well lived.

If this isn’t your time to grasp your vision, it will come. At some point, the distress of staying stuck will be greater than your fear of new responsibilities and challenges, and you’ll be off. Why not make today the day you take charge of your life? Seize the day!

“Complaining is a big clue that you are not taking responsibility for your life. Complaining will not change things in your life; only action will. …See yourself as a meaningful person who has much to give to this world instead of a whining child complaining that the world is not giving you enough.” — Susan Jeffers

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