Like an iceberg, deeper levels of consciousness need exploring.

An iceberg, when floating in the ocean may look like a small mass of ice. However, when you look at what’s underneath you’ll be surprised at how massive it can be. There you’ll realize, not everything is what it seems. The tip is just a small part of something more majestic if we only take a moment to really look deeper.

iceberg-696224-mJust like an iceberg, our consciousness has several levels of depth for us to discover. If we only allow ourselves to go deeper and understand these levels, we’ll be able to see the bigger picture. We’ll be able to see the power and potential we have that can ultimately help us to understand ourselves more fully.

Like an iceberg, the life we know is just a thin layer of events that cover a deeper reality. Most of what is important in life is hidden. It is alive, moving and evolving. And like an iceberg, it is very impactful.

Are you ready to dive deeper and unravel new levels of consciousness? If you are, Higher Awareness will be more than happy to guide you every step of the way – from getting self-control, knowing and healing yourself, and expanding towards authenticity and purpose. You just have to say ‘YES!’ to life!

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