Plug the holes in your personal foundation

personal foundation

I recently experienced first hand how the little bad habits, limiting self talk, prolonged procrastination, ignored intuition and semi-conscious justifiers can all add up to crumble the foundation, integrity and authenticity your life is based upon.

It seems so minor – like throwing a handful of sand off the beach a few times each day. And after a few years your beach is empty and you wander why. Or on a more personal note – It is like having the sensation to go to the bathroom and we ignore it and then put up with it to the point we must do something NOW or suffer the consequences.

Here is my experience.

I recently sealed the leaks in our Higher Awareness business. And it feels so empowering as we re-create an unbreakable foundation for future expansion. Here is what we did in the last few weeks:

  • Made our site responsive to smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops for optimal viewing.
  • Added captchas and a double optin process to our popular pages so we only work with valid email addresses and do not get blacklisted.
  • Deleted old links and updated web pages as Google keeps changing the rules every month.
  • Enhanced our interaction on social media, – Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Google +.
  • Had our email lists professionally cleaned of bad email addresses.

And now we are adding multiple, new, high value products for visitors to sample.

And stay tuned over the next few months as we will be offering a new flag ship, intuition development and manifesting program called INTUIT and DO IT – a Life Planning System.

This program is also about building a solid foundation. Most of us are on a path of meaning, purpose, spiritual understanding, clarity, health, joy, peace, service and fulfillment.

And I see too often we seek these higher attributes from a hole-filled foundation. A foundation crumbling from old limiting beliefs, unclear goals, chaos, guilt, resentment, victimhood…

So our program starts by creating a solid platform of integrity, authenticity and powerful skills for continued growth.

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