Use journaling to keep your life on track

Do you have a system for reviewing your life goals, priorities and what is important to you? Discover the power of booking a consistent time into your calendar to reflect on what’s happened and what’s about to unfold.

Ask yourself some key questions. What appointments and commitments do you have for the next week? What do you WANT for the next week? Have you booked time for yourself or your most significant relationship? Do you have time set aside to use your imagination or creativity? Is all this self-assessment information kept in one place for quick access?

To support you in getting started with this process, we have honed 12 Smart Personal Performance questions to ask yourself weekly to keep your life growing and fulfilled. Get your free Personal Performance Process at . Book an hour every week in your calendar to answer these questions and watch your life change. Having your own ‘life in a book’ is surprisingly empowering.

Re-treat yourself – Take a few minutes daily, an hour weekly and a few hours monthly and our mini self re-treat questions will enhance your focus, balance and effectiveness.

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