Expand BASIC Awareness
into HIGHER Awareness!

And Why you MUST
Know the Difference!  


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Unawareness --> Self awareness --> Higher awareness -
3 Levels of Consciousness

What is your perspective as you do life?
Typically, we grow through life with a series of small awakenings. Then when we least expect it, we experience a significant awakening or experience. May you find many leaps of understanding in these '3 levels of advancing awareness' journeys.


Without awareness of the greater forces underlying our world of matter, we can only question what's happening. We experience powerlessness in what seems to be a random, confusing and chaotic life. When we STOP and pay attention, we become aware of how our faulty beliefs make life happen in specific ways. As we take responsibility to identify and release subconscious programs that we are projecting to the outer world, we naturally shift into higher awareness. We trust that we can allow life's innate intelligence to unfold beautifully.

Here is another 3 Levels of Consciousness: Concealed --> Revealed --> Healed

This is a sample of 24 - "three levels of consciousness journeys". 12 are about up-shifting and advancing awareness. The other 12 are about down-shifting consciousness into manifestation. Manifest from new levels, otherwise you will keep creating what you've always created.

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