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Experience and Express Consciousness - A 2 Step Process

Experts say 95% of what we do, think and say is unconscious. We typically react with the same old responses and actions.

But every moment is new and fresh and deserves new eyes and responses. So how do we do that?

This page offers one of 24 ways to take in and experience life from a new and higher perspective and then respond differently to create new results from that higher perspective.

experience consciousness

Bring your attention fully into the present moment to deeply experience what life is bringing to you now. Focus on your breathing and just observe the movement of sensations and feelings, without labeling or judging. As you hold your consciousness steady, your experience will naturally expand and become more inclusive and impersonal. Then choose a quality you would like to experience. As you focus on this quality, you will embody its energy. Imagine radiating this quality out into the world. To summarize - Experience - Expand - Embody - Express.

Here is another 2 step process: Elevate, then Create

This is a sample of 24 - "2 step consciousness journeys". By repeating spiritual principles through different perspectives, these short reminders encourage us to be more present to life and empowered through higher consciousness.

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