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Facilitate your own Programs

Now have your own facilitator business. Learn how to facilitate and operate your own business. Turn key programs ready to go. We help you find your niche and develop programs for your niche. Let your expression, imagination and  passions come forth while helping others. It does not get any better.

 Facilitator Training of our Programs.


Higher Awareness

Self Development tips, tools, workbooks and hundreds of resources, quotes, lists and questions improve self awareness and manifesting using your own personal development plan.

Personal Development through Self Awareness and Manifesting


Journaling Tools

Get your creative journaling tool box so you can go deeper and higher with easy-to-use tools, tips, ideas and systems. Discover how journaling can cut through confusion, chaos and emotional pain to bring you clarity, inner strength and peace of mind.

Creative Journaling Tools, Tips, Ideas and Prompts


Smart Question Coaching

The answers lie in you and we have the questions to draw them out. It's a new, exciting and very affordable concept in e-coaching! Daily questions and coaching tips draw out your answers and only your answers create change.

Smart Question Coaching of the Day Emails


Master Mind Circles

Leverage the power of group energy, sharing your voice, accountability, having support and empowerment and knowing how to support and empower others.

Master Mind Circles


The Consciousness Journey

Understand consciousness and shift your level of consciousness and you will attract a new level of living. We offer multiple consciousness journeys that contain hundreds of creative resources, natural laws, tools, tips, traps, teasers, truths, transformers and treasures. Integrate them into your life. Shift your belief systems. Watch your life change (for the better). All through short, memorable, fun, creative, daily emails.

Raising Your Level of Consciousness Higher


The Soul Journey

Understand life from a higher perspective where everything makes sense. Explore how universal laws govern all human experiences. Learn how life works without the illusions. Become more authentic as you handle life's challenges. Explore bringing more soul into your life with the Soul Journey.

Explore your spiritual growth journey


Soul Books

Spiritual and Soul books for those wanting to lead a Spiritual and Soulful Life. All of Andrew Schneider's books are written from a soul perspective. The soul is the essence and uniqueness of who we are and how we contribute to others.

Spiritual books for your Spiritual Soul Journey


Quotes for Friends

Be a best friend to all the important people in your life. Show you care by sharing inspirational quotes for friends to meet their changing needs. Appreciate, inspire, support, amuse, comfort and empower those you love with our quotes and sayings.

Best Friendship Sayings and Quotes for Friends


Daily Inspirational Quotes

Daily Inspirational Quotes will motivate and empower you. People will wonder what you are on! Learn and grow consistently one minute per day with our Inner Journey quotes and inspirational tips. See why 80,000 daily readers anticipate them every day.

Daily Inspirational Quotes offering daily motivational messages


Daily Motivational Quotes

Daily Motivational Quotes will give you a reason for getting out of bed each day Open to new possibilities - Be reminded daily of your potential and new perspectives. They will change your life!

Daily Motivational Quotes that inspire you to more big picture thinking