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Life Planning Binder
AMP up your WARP Drive

This Powerful Affirmation eradicates deep-seated, limiting, unconscious beliefs.

"When the will is ready the feet are light." -- Proverb

There are some basic, systemic concepts that penetrate
all areas of  our life such as  willpower, worthiness, ability,
readiness and permission.

Empower yourself. Reveal and Heal unconscious blocks.

That is why we share with you a powerful affirmation to own and
deeply integrate. It can shift your inner psyche and
programming in many areas.

Affirm emphatically many times per day:

"I AM Willing/Worthy and Able. I am Ready.
I give myself Permission to change and grow."

Loosen the grip of old inner programming.

TOOL: Affirm this often -

"I am Ready, Willing and Able, NOW.
I give myself Permission to grow and change."

We each have much baggage that contradicts our worthiness, skills, and readiness.

tip: Use RAP Repetition, Authority, and Peace of Mind) to anchor this affirmation. (In a relaxed, meditative, Peaceful  state, Repeat 3 times, with Authority and emotion, the above affirmation. Sense your new-felt desire, ability, agreement, and preparedness to move forward in life. Write it in an obvious spot so you see it multiple times each day.

FEEL IT. AMPLIFY IT. And RADIATE your feeling  and your openness to receive.

Engage your WARP Drive!

"We wake up the will by resisting all sorts of
little, self-indulgent desires."
-- Eknath Easwaran

Empowering choices for your life journey. Draw the best out of you. See Life Planning BINDER contents for more cheat sheets, worksheets, and new ways of thinking. Click the above link.

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