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Daily open new doors to intuition and guidance!

"Until you know that life is interesting, and find it so, you haven't found your soul." -- Geoffrey F. Fisher


My most used new way of thinking and intuiting!
I use this Transformational "NOW" Thinking Tool (TNT) often.
It brings me back to what is important to me and what is authentically me and What’s Next.
It calls upon my intuition for highest guidance.
Use it often and build self-trust.

Here is how it works.
I emphatically ask "How can I BE SOUL NOW?"
I do this three times and I write down whatever comes.
Because I'm around my journal I ask and write down my answers multiple times per day.

And if I am not a journaling fan or I am out of the office…
And when I am out of my office, I always carry recipe/index cards with me.
I find being in new environments and asking this question, I am amazed at the answers I get.

Bring to mind an attitude of having all the money, time and resources you need and you are here to serve others, the planet and your own healing.
Now ask the question. "How can I best BE ME NOW?"
Write your answers on the same pages and periodically look for similar responses. All there is, is the present moment.
So asking "BE ME NOW" or "Be SOUL NOW" or "SOUL, WHAT'S NEXT?" are great questions.
It takes you out of the past and future.

AND consciousness, soul, your environment and life itself are changing so fast, do not be surprised if you get FRESH answers consistently.

Pay close attention to how answers come to you, so you can build up more confidence and bandwidth, and so you can ask other important questions.

And take some action to demonstrate you know this to be the truth and beneficial to you and those around you and give thanks and appreciation for your answers.

"All the efforts of the human mind cannot exhaust the essence of a single fly."-- St. Thomas Aquinas

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