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My Personal Dashboard

Daily Dashboard Dissolves Dramas and Draws Out Dreams

Dashboards are everywhere - Cell phones, software, computers, TV Controllers, cars, stoves ...

AND NOW we have one for you.

"Organizing is what you do before you do something,
so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." -- A. A. Milne

Lost? Scattered? Stuck? Distracted? - Now, your own Personal Dashboard my save the day.

Our Daily Personal Dashboard helps you with:

  • awareness and intuition
  • willpower, life purpose and relating
  • revealing and healing past conditioning
  • manifesting and
  • new ways of thinking.

WHY our Daily Dashboards work: 

  • thoughts are 'in sight' and therefore 'in mind'
  • writing slows the monkey mind
  • creates gentle inner tensions
  • supports consistency, reminders and repetition
  • aligns with universal laws
  • synergy of multiple perspectives
  • simple, portable, effective
  • builds on momentum of results.

Personal Daily Dashboard Instructions

Daily add at least one word or phrase to each box. These steps create a subtle tension and focus on the inner workings of intuition, wholeness, purpose, new ways of thinking and the subconscious mind.

The first 6 boxes are more about letting go, surrendering and raising your consciousness so you become more inclusive and open.

My Pet Peeves, Inner Tensions and Letting Go - We unravel our subconscious mind by examining what we see in our outer life as it does reflect and is caused by the inner life. This is called projections. As we accept it for what it is and not resist it, judgments and tensions naturally move towards a resolution, a cause, an integration of opposites and towards a higher quality.

My Motives, Meaning and Learnings - Bring to mind your last 24 hours. Were you even conscious of your motives or did you just do your day robotically? Did you even have an 'intention' or 'question on your mind'? Were you engaged in meaningful activities? If we are not learning, changing and growing we stay stuck. Each of these are clear indicators you are unifying and elevating your consciousness. A great mantra is "What can I learn from this situation?"

I Want to Be - As you open to answers, elevate who you are. Create an intention of your highest self. BEING is naturally living higher qualities of life. It is a move from judgment and separation towards a more conceptual, purposeful, loving, unifying attitude. On your death bed what would be really important to you? What would be your top regrets?

The last 6 boxes are more about letting in, being responsible and accountable and manifesting by down shifting energy and consciousness into form.

I Want to Do and Have - Deep down our desires and wants are linked to our needs and some aspects of our purpose and who we are. The more we conceptualize and idealize the 'what' and 'why' of what we want to do and have, the more we are embodying it and the more the chances of manifesting it sooner than later.

My Ideas, Urges, Inspirations, Calling and Questions - Intuition often comes in the form of glimpses, ideas and questions. It may not make sense right now but as you write them down, a bigger idea starts to unfold. Open to listening for inner voices, synchronicities, coincidences and inspiration. Intuition is available at all times, so the more we sensitize ourselves in these exercises the more we will be open to its unexpected guidance.

Emotionalize, Internalize and embody your goals. Bring to mind your goal(s) and energize it full of passion and emotions.
My Gratitude List - Each day, write 1 to 3 things that you greatly appreciate in your life. Gratitude is very powerful as it insinuates that manifesting has worked and you appreciate the process, laws and beauty of life.

My Accomplishments - Write down your miracles, synchronicities, insights and accomplishments. Create an audit trail of successes. Success breeds success. Share your celebrations.

My Action Steps/Intention - Now from all of the insights and higher stimulation of your being, write something NEW you intend to do. You may want to transfer it to your more formal 'To Do' list or calendar.


Download Your Daily Personal Dashboard

Print your Personal Dashboard as a PDF (recommended) for your Life Planning Binder or as a word document for completing it online.

Download and print your Life Planning Binder  (12 pages) to store all of your Transformational Tools.

"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." -- Wayne Dyer


My Personal Dashboard                  (Daily)            

Date 1. My Pet Peeves 2. My Inner Tensions 3. Positive Healing Values




Date 4. My Daily Motivations, My Why 5. My Learning About Me 6. I Want to BE...




Date 7. I Want to DO and HAVE... 8. My Urges, Ideas, Intuits, Calling 9. My Goals are ...




Date 10. I am Grateful For ... 11. My Results and Miracles 12. My Action Steps, Intentions





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