Expand BASIC Awareness
into HIGHER Awareness!

And Why you MUST
Know the Difference!  


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Are you Ready, Willing and Able?

The most important affirmation to start your journey!

Its time to tell your self-sabotaging conditioned mind to
let go of deep blocks and to open up to your dreams.

In today's busyness and scatter we get drawn not the glamours and pleasures of life adn we forget foundational, step 1.

You see our subconscious mind is so complicated, intertwined and entrenched with thousands of non-supportive statements about yourself worth, abilities, confidence level, openness and concepts of time. And most of these programs were cemented in your mind between the ages of 2 to 7. So our first task is to loosen these very limiting beliefs.

There are some basic, systemic concepts that penetrate all areas of our life such as willpower, worthiness, ability, readiness and permission. That is why it is a powerful affirmation to own and deeply integrate. It can shift your inner psyche and programming in many areas.

The WARP Drive Tool

A powerful Daily Affirmation to start your 'WARP drive'

"I AM Willing/Worthy and Able.
I am Ready. I give myself Permission to change and grow."

Loosen the grip of old inner programming.
We each have much baggage that
  contradicts our worthiness and readiness.

Sense your new felt desire, ability, agreement and  
  preparedness to move forward in life.

"We wake up the will by
  resisting all sorts of little,
  self-indulgent desires."
  -- Eknath Easwaran

Feel your power... Expand it... Then Radiate it.
When you deeply feel your WARP - amp it up,
Feel it 10 times more and then 10 times more again..

Let your personal power build up in you.
Then radiate that feeling to the world.
This way you open up channels of giving and receiving.
The old adage does work - Give what you want to receive.

"I AM Ready. Willing and Able.
I give myself Permission to change and grow."


Write the word 'WARP' at the top of your main journaling or calendar page to remind you. It works.

"When the will is ready the feet are light." -- Proverb

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