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How to use this Insight on One Page worksheet:

Give yourself quiet, uninterrupted time to complete this worksheet. Write your initial answers in your journal or on a separate piece of paper and then summarize your main conclusions in the form provided. Read about how to get the most out of "Insights on One Page." Below is your guide to completing each of the boxes.

Commitment Process on One Page

Increase your commitment to responsible, meaningful choices!

If we hope to be successful in a venture of any kind, we need to be motivated to get started and then we need the commitment - the force, action, tenacity and persistence to stay with the project until it's complete.

  1. Write in Box 1 what you want and the results you expect. Be as specific as you can. How would you describe your present level of commitment?- totally uncommitted, refusing, protesting, indifferent, easy going, playing along, willing to try, obliged, interested, passionate, devoted, dedicated, totally committed to do whatever it takes. What level of commitment do you aspire to?
  2. To connect with your deepest motives, ask why? you want what you entered in Box 1. For each answer you come up with, ask why you want that. Your final answer will identify your deepest motive and possibly the essence for your goal. Write this in Box 2
  3. In Box 3 identify your block and life challenges -- what might stop you from achieving what you want. Where are you unclear? How do you normally sabotage yourself? What are your energy leaks?
  4. Make a list in Box 4 of possible fears you have about committing to this goal/venture. Are you more afraid of success or failure?
  5. Answer the commitment questions and tips to get more perspectives and depth around your commitment. Enter any key insights from this process in Box 5.
  6. In Box 6, rate your overall level of commitment on a scale of 1 - 10. If you are not 100% committed, why not?
  7. How can you use more love, will power or thinking methods to strengthen your commitment and develop your persistence and self-discipline? (Box 7)
  8. Write in Box 8 affirmations or a creed that declares your commitment. Review it often. You might also create a ritual to really anchor it within your subconscious mind.
  9. Periodically perform a review/summary of this sheet and write in Box 9 your insights, learning, results and commitment level. Mark weekly review dates in your calendar so you recommit and stay on track.

Alternative Steps:

Commitment on One Page     Date: _______

1. What do you want? Results you expect? 2. Why do you want it? Ask 'why?' 5 times. 3. What could stop you?
List your energy leaks.








4. What are you afraid of? 5. Insights from commitment questions? 6. Commitment rating
(1 = low, 10 = high),
Why not 10/10?








7. How can you use love, willpower & intelligence? 8. Write a commitment to yourself. 9. Periodically write your insights, results and commitment level.