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How to use this Insight on One Page worksheet:

Give yourself quiet, uninterrupted time to complete this worksheet. Write your initial answers in your journal or on a separate piece of paper and then summarize your main conclusions in the form provided. Read about how to get the most out of "Insights on One Page." Below is your guide to completing each of the boxes.

Goal Setting Process on One Page

Identifying the right goals for you!

If you are climbing the ladder of success, make sure it is on the right wall. If you are going to work you r plan, make sure you spend quality time planning your work. Examine all the perspectives.

  1. We grow most dramatically when we identify and clear our blocks, challenges and lessons. What problems in your life do you most want to resolve? Can you identify any ongoing negative cycles in your life? After you've done your own thinking, review Blocks to Personal Growth for more ideas. Write your top 3 challenges in Box 1.
  2. Our strength may be our weakness if it keeps us out of balance. Where is your life out of balance? Consider the following areas of your life and rate each on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 represents strong dissatisfaction with the amount of time spent in this area (it may be too little or too much time) and 10 represents complete satisfaction. Write the top 2 or 3 areas you want to bring into greater balance in Box 2 on the worksheet. - Career, Finances, Family, Friends, Health, Spirituality, Relax time, Learning, Self Expression
  3. Who do you want to be? Identify the values and qualities you want to live. Be aware that qualities are available to us right now if we choose to access them. Pick the top 5 that are most important to you and enter them in Box 3.
  4. What do you want to DO right now? What would you love to do in the more distant future, assuming you had everything you needed? Draw ideas from our action verbs. Enter your top 3 short term and top 3 long term things you want to do in Box 4.
  5. What do you most want to HAVE? In the short term? In the long term? Enter your top 3 short term and top 3 long term things you want to have in Box 5.
  6. For each of the items you want to do and have you wrote in Boxes 4 and 5, ask yourself why you want it. Then ask why you want that. Continue to ask 'why?' for each answer that comes up until no new answers come. If this exploration brings new insights, do you need to revise any of your entries? (Box 6)
  7. Our imagination and our own creativity bring important new ideas to us. What messages are you receiving from your conscience, imagination and intuition? Review our Greatness Concepts list for ideas and add them to Box 7.
  8. Opportunities also arise through synchronicity and what is on your plate right now. Be open and receptive to evaluate life's choices. List any hunches, new opportunities or other options that are now making themselves known to you in Box 8.
  9. Review all of the information you've written in boxes 1 - 8, and identify the top 3 - 5 goals you want to focus on at this time. Write your top priority goals in Box 9.

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Goal Setting on One Page     Date: _______

1. My blocks, challenges, negative cycles 2. Rate your balance
(1 is lo and 10 is hi)
3. My desired values and qualities








4. I want to DO
short term and long term
5. I want to HAVE
short term and long term
6. Why do I want to DO and HAVE...?








7. My imagination and greatness concepts. 8. My recent opportunities, and hunches. 9. My top 5 goals