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How to use this Insight on One Page worksheet:

Give yourself quiet, uninterrupted time to complete this worksheet. Write your initial answers in your journal or on a separate piece of paper and then summarize your main conclusions in the form provided. Read about how to get the most out of "Insights on One Page." Below is your guide to completing each of the boxes.

Healing Process on One Page

Recreating wholeness and wellness

Healing is about bringing your body back to a state of wholeness. It is about aligning the physical, emotional, mental and causal bodies so they synergistically support the healing.

  1. In Box 1, write the ailment, vice, challenge or area of focus you want to heal. If you are not clear, you may want to complete Reveal Subconscious Shadows on One Page first. We all have areas to heal within ourselves.
  2. The cause of an illness or dis-ease is directly related to its cure. Identify any lessons to be learned. There is a strong correlation between what we think and the ailments we experience. Explore the body-mind connection list for ideas and write your insights in Box 2.
  3. Apply the awareness process to move through the blocks, pains and/or resistances and to connect with the wounding, cause, limiting beliefs, cures, insights, essence or whatever comes up. Accept what comes up and do not resist it - just be the unbiased observer. Ask for understanding, insights and healing and be aware of responses. Write your awarenesses in Box 3.
  4. There is an ongoing need to balance the yang energy (doing, persistence, focus) and yin energy (being, letting go, opening up, letting in). Open to new possibilities and to receive. Let go, surrender and trust. Seek silence and meditate on wholeness, perfection, wellness, energy, - the essence of what you desire and align with the divinity within you. Idealize the perfectly healthy you. Visualize it and affirm it. Also consider creating a creed or affirmations and idealize your healing and perfection. Write your insights or a few affirmations in Box 4.
  5. Forgiveness can release victimhood, guilt and resentments. It allows blocked energy to flow. Write in Box 5 who and what needs forgiveness in your life? Try our forgiveness questions and process. Write, BUT DO NOT SEND a release letter.
  6. Gratitude confirms your participation in the cycles of life. Give thanks for your insights, health, abundance and co-creation process of the universe and your participation in this process. Live your abundance and health and you will attract positive things into your life. Maintain a Gratitude Journal. In Box 6 summarize what you are grateful for.
  7. To heal, we need to bring together the negative and positive (a duality) in wholeness. For the negative aspects of your experience, identify the positives to which you aspire. What higher quality, virtue or value do you want to express? Enter these into Box 7.
  8. Understand the healing process. Review our manifesting tips list and write in Box 8 ideas of how to co-create what you want and integrate the new habits and ways of being as you grow and change. Manifesting is a stepping down of energy, so identify what you can do physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  9. A popular concept is creating a support group. Speaking your truth and discussing and connecting with others can offer great healing. You may want to consider getting a confidant, coach (e-coach, in person, telephone or teleconference coach) or mastermind group or sacred circle.

Healing on One Page     Date: _______

1. Ailment, challenge, pain, etc. to focus on 2. What is the body/mind connection/cause? 3. Awareness process insights








4. Meditate, idealize, visualize, affirm insights. 5. Who and what needs forgiveness? 6. What are you grateful for?








7. The positive of the negative issue to integrate. 8. Ideas from healing tips 9. My support group and when I connect with them.