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How to use this Insight on One Page worksheet:

Give yourself quiet, uninterrupted time to complete this worksheet. Write your initial answers in your journal or on a separate piece of paper and then summarize your main conclusions in the form provided. Read about how to get the most out of "Insights on One Page." Below is your guide to completing each of the boxes.

Life Purpose Process on One Page

Life purpose evolves as you do.

  1. Identify your strongest VALUES AND QUALITIES as well as the ones to which you aspire. Once you have made your own list, review our values, qualities and virtues list to see if youve missed any. Enter your top values in Box 1.
  2. Anything you LOVE and that brings you JOY offers a soulful and purposeful experience. Identify whats joyful to you in Box 2 and ask yourself why you enjoy them so much. Asking why helps us get to our deepest motives, which are also very soulful.
  3. Whatever has DEEP MEANING or is SACRED to you is also purposeful and soulful. What do you consider meaningful or sacred? Again ask yourself why they are meaningful or sacred. Write them in Box 3.
  4. The challenges and LIFE LESSONS that continuously repeat themselves in our lives are often part of our purpose. They invite us to learn and express higher qualities, usually around becoming more loving, wilful or wise. Write your life challenges in Box 4.
  5. What are your GIFTS, TALENTS AND STRENGTHS? What are you very good at? Review the list of action verbs and ways of thinking and write your gifts and talents in Box 5.
  6. Often our purpose is related to what we SEEK MOST FOR OURSELVES in terms of non-material wants. What might be your deepest desires for your life? Write these in Box 6.
  7. Our purpose may also relate to what we SEEK FOR OTHERS. List your aspirations for other people or beings in Box 7.
  8. In the end, purpose is very much about SERVICE. How would you choose to serve life on this planet? Expand your possibilities by assuming you have unlimited time, money, energy and resources. Ask yourself this question over and over and keep writing down the answers. List your top responses in Box 8.
  9. Now write out a PURPOSE STATEMENT in Box 9. A common format is "To (verb) (who or what) to (attain some result)." Examples might be "To help seekers develop higher awareness." Or "To create new ways for self exploration." See the purpose statement samples for more ideas.

Additional resources:

Life Purpose on One Page    Date: _______

1. What are my values and qualities? 2. What do I love to do? What is joyful? Why? 3. What is sacred? What is meaningful? Why?




4. What are my life challenges, lessons? 5. What are my gifts, talents and strengths? 6. What do I most want for myself?




7. What do I most want for others? 8. How can I serve? 9. My Purpose Statement