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Spiritual Development and Growth Tips and Resources for practical, higher spiritual guidance and inspiration.

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Does your life feel empty? Lack meaning?

Do you want more purpose, guidance, spiritual connection, meaning, joy, intuition, service, love, freedom and power?

For half of our lives we develop our personality to become a mature vehicle for the next major step in our life - to become a spiritual being and help others using our unique gifts and talents. It is time to bring together our 2 paths of the ego and soul.

Is your spiritual development important to you? Be supported by 4 programs, email support and answers to any questions you may have.

Understand the bigger picture, truths and universal laws and our experiences and parts of our lives make more sense.  Are you ready to make the shift from a human doing to a human being?

Explore the many resources we have to support your spiritual growth. Each program has consistent emails to help you pay attention to your growth. And we answer all questions to support your journey. Feel better about yourself when you make sense of your world.

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." -- James Allen

You also have access to everything on the site -- over 250 resources.  It's like instantly having your own personal growth library!

As a member, you'll have free access to all of these spiritual development resources:

Spiritual Development Workbooks and Exercises

Grow Yourself Online Workbook - What is personality? What is soul? How do they interact? Experience the power of living soulfully in the present moment. Learn higher perspectives to heal the past and create the future. Also learn a process for conscious co-creation. Comes with 30 days of inspirational support emails.
  • 2 main growth paths
  • 8 A's of Awareness
  • 4 E's of healing your past
  • 9 I's of creating your future
  • 3 common playing fields of life
  • 7 principles to live by
  • 13 factors affecting how we attract and manifest
  • 23 exercises to grow yourself
Life Purpose Online Workbook - Create and fine-tune a personal vision statement for your life. Identify your motivation, values, qualities and talents. We help you draw out your purpose and what brings you meaning and fulfillment. And be aware that your life purpose changes over time as we mature!

  • 10 higher perspectives of purpose
  • 6 levels of consciousness and purpose
  • 55 common purpose statements
  • 15 ways to anchor and integrate your purpose

Spiritual Development Email Series

Daily Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Living Emails - This email program explores both personality and soul and how to bring them together in full, genuine expression. It will support you in grounding spirituality and Higher Awareness in your everyday living and help awaken you to your authentic self. Receive a thought-provoking and inspirational email every 2 days over 2 months. This email program will:

  • help you understand and bridge the dualities of life - the positives and negatives, the higher and lower roads.
  • describe both personality and soul and how to bring them together in full, genuine expression.
  • support you in grounding spirituality in your everyday living.
  • awaken you to your authentic self.
  • open the door to new levels of freedom, power and contentment.
  • provide thought-provoking and inspirational emails every 2 days over 2 months.
Meditation Methods Email Program - Explore different meditation methods in our basic and advanced meditation series:

  • The Foundation: Step by step, learn basic meditation methods. Be guided through the fundamentals to calm and focus the mind. With different exercises each week, you will gradually experience new levels of relaxation, focus and concentration. Two emails/week for 3 months.
  • Paths to Illumination: If you already have an established meditation practice, you'll want to explore our advanced meditation methods series. Explore beyond visualization into imagination, contemplation, illumination and connection with the Universal. Two emails/week for 3 months.

Opening to the Divine Smart Question Emails - Practice daily spiritual living. Connect with your own divinity. Explore your life purpose. Trust your intuition with a new smart question daily for 90 days to offer new and higher perspectives.

Activating Joy, Love and Happiness Emails -  Experience ways to go beyond conditional happiness to the blissful state of joy with these 16 Acitvators sent in emails over 6 weeks. As you resonate with joy, you automatically draw to you a more meaningful, healthy, loving life.

Spiritual Development Worksheets

  • Know Your Soul - Capture ways in which Soul works through you on one page in one hour.
  • Life Purpose - Clarify your direction and destiny in life on one page.

Spiritual Development Journaling Tools and Exercises

  • Stream of Consciousness - Awaken your awareness of higher learning and meaning.
  • The Pause - Step back and allow integration to work for you.
  • Meditation Journal - Meditation opens us to more connection, insights and harmony.
  • Life Question - What question can you ask yourself that will inspire, empower and energize you?
  • Top down, bottom up connections – Ground the abstract and find purpose and meaning in the details. 

Spiritual Development List of Choices

  • Soul - What is it? - How do you experience Soul?
  • Soul Names - What names can you call your higher self?
  • Soul Making - Select for many ways to develop soul consciousness.
  • Skill Assessment - Get clarity on what you want to do
  • Purpose Statements - Which ones resonate with you?
  • Values, Qualities and Virtues- What do you stand for?
  • Greatness Concepts - Streeeeeeeeetch your thinking.
  • Niches - Identify your best way to support others.
  • Meditation - What is it? - Broaden your perspectives
  • Meditation Benefits - Peace of mind, healing, illumination and more
  • Meditation Mantras - Focus your mind higher to receive more
  • Paradigm Shifting Tools - Become a master of change
  • Paradigms to Shift - What are your growth obstacles?
  • Personal Growth Benefits - What is in it for you?
  • Self Improvement Tools - Top tools for your success
  • Empowerment - What is it? Choose from the many ways to empower yourself and others.

Spiritual Development Smart Questions

  • Big Picture Thinking - What's the big picture for your life?
  • Commitment - Find and plug the holes in your commitment
  • Empowerment Questions - Empowering yourself and others

Spiritual Development Quotes and Tips

  • Bliss - Go for what you love
  • Change - Move out of your comfort zone

Spiritual Development Articles

  • Meditation - Why meditate?
  • Stillness - Find stillness in the busyness
  • Purpose in Life - Grounding the dreams of your ideal future
  • What's the big picture for your life? - See yourself as the director and actor in your own major motion picture!
  • The Circle of Life Covers Two Paths - Have you reached the Magic Point on the circle of life?