Healing Energies for Spiritual Development

Explore bringing the higher and lower together in ordinary everyday situations. For example, if you’re tired and hungry, connect with the discomfort of your personality. Then connect with the soul’s appreciation of all experiences of life.

You may also want to explore over time the following emotional reactions and typical healing energies:

Anger – compassion, harmony
Grief – acceptance, freedom, understanding
Aggression – peace, acceptance, inner power
Despair – hope, faith, trust, joy, appreciation
Blame – acceptance, responsibility
Worry – trust
Hatred – acceptance, love, understanding
Depression – purpose, vitality, power
Anxiety – peace, trust, serenity
Indolence, complacency – initiative, vitality, purpose
Deceit – honesty, truth, trust, openness
Inertia – initiative, purpose, activity
Pride – humility, right relationships
Greed – gratitude, abundance, generosity
Stinginess – generosity, equanimity, abundance
Arrogance – humility, right relationships

Through our Spiritual Growth and Daily Spiritual Living Resources, you are able to understand and bridge the dualities of life – the positives and negatives, the higher road and the lower road.

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