Integrating dualities for spiritual growth

shutterstock_127221209If it doesn’t work to ignore, deny or avoid the negatives in our lives, how do we deal with them?

We can transform our suffering by integrating our lower experiences with higher spiritual energies. Here’s the process to follow:

1. Acknowledge your discomfort with the present situation. Really feel your experience without resistance or judgment. Recognize that it is your personality that is upset.

2. While you continue to honour your personality’s discomfort, shift your perspective to experience the unlimited well-being of your soul. Set an intention to fully experience this well-being.

You’ll find you can experience both realities at the same time. And here’s the magic: the higher spiritual energies always hold more power than the lower energies experienced by the personality. Each time you bring the higher and lower together, some aspect of the lower will transform. You don’t have to do anything but be aware of your two different perspectives. Just allow them to be there together.

Over time, your personality will begin to drop its belief in limits and identify with the unlimited state of the soul. And when this happens, the personality can begin to truly serve as a vehicle for the soul in manifesting spirit in form.

Through our Spiritual Growth and Daily Spiritual Living Resources, you are able to understand and bridge the dualities of life – the positives and negatives, the higher road and the lower road.

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