The spiritual path of opposites leads us to wholeness.

Many of us turn to the spiritual path for relief from our pain. We hope spirituality will save us from our fears, bad habits, insecurities and disillusionments. We want an idyllic world where
we’re always safe and happy.

But this doesn’t work. Our personality’s desire to achieve pleasure and avoid pain can never be attained. In our world of duality, pleasure and pain and all of the other opposites in our
lives are always tied together. Sitting at opposite ends of a spectrum, they depend on each other. Pleasure would be meaningless if we couldn’t contrast it with pain. They come to us as a pair.

What happens when we focus on one while avoiding the other? It creates imbalance. And because energy always seeks balance, it means that the more we seek pleasure, the more pain will find us.

The spiritual path leads us to wholeness. It includes everything – the negative and the positive. Spirit’s energies are everywhere. And so our first step is to convince our personality to accept everything that comes up, without judgment and without resistance.

When we begin to do this, we discover something interesting. We find that our resistance to what’s happening actually generates most of our pain. And it’s our resistance to feeling our pain that prolongs our pain. When we can be willing to really experience the ‘negatives’ in our life, we discover they quickly fade away.

Our pain also eases when we can give it purpose and meaning. Receive daily spiritual development and growth reminders. Explore both personality and soul and how to bring them together in full, genuine expression.

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