The SEVEN energy of synthesis

“There is in all visible things … a hidden wholeness.” – Thomas Merton

We are now leaving this year’s SIX energy cycle characterized by beauty, service, goodness and inspiration. If the 6 energy has not been fully integrated or understood, you may have experienced victimhood, co-dependence, blind faith, neediness or being a martyr.

The SEVEN Energy

The SEVEN energy of synthesis

SEVEN is considered the most sacred of the 9 numbers. It is the number of reflection, spiritual realization and a new level of understanding.

The SEVEN energy relates to a higher perspective of all knowing, manifesting and higher mind. It has an energy of completion, wholeness, oneness and consciousness. It is a time of synthesis and integration of life.

This is a time to work with natural laws and groups as you create significant new projects. It’s also an auspicious time to take a break, meditate and reflect. Plan a retreat from activity and reflect on the year. Journal on your insights.

If the 7 energy is not fully integrated or understood, it may unfold as materialism, gluttony, being a workaholic, rigid routines, loneliness and even depression.

How do we intentionally shift from the 6 energy of devotion, emotions and ideals to the all knowing, higher mind, and practical manifesting of the 7? Consider shifting your focus and actions from:

  • Ideals to actual
  • Higher awareness to practical manifesting
  • Following to leading
  • Impulsive to deliberate
  • Emotional to mental
  • Variable to regulated.

To consciously work with the 7 energy, answer the questions below:

  1. What aspect of your life requires more understanding, learning or precision?
  2. When can you take time to reflect on the bigger picture?
  3. Look back over the past 6 cycles. What are you grateful for?
  4. Who or what can you trust or open up to more fully?
  5. Where are you experiencing resistance or separation in your life?
  6. What qualities are you truly seeking when you desire something new?

How do you see the SEVEN energy influencing your life? We invite you to share or comment below or on our now popular Higher Awareness facebook page.

~ John

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” — Rumi

The SIX Energy – An energy beauty, service, goodness and inspiration.

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