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How to use this Insight on One Page worksheet:

Give yourself quiet, uninterrupted time to complete this worksheet. Write your initial answers in your journal or on a separate piece of paper and then summarize your main conclusions in the form provided. Read about how to get the most out of "Insights on One Page." Below is your guide to completing each of the boxes.

Time Management Process on One Page

Manage the time of your life!

Time is so valuable because time = life. Are you making the effort to improve how you use it? Now is your chance. Quickly get a snapshot of what steals your time. Reduce energy drains that drag you down - the incompletes, unmade decisions, and habits and obligations that are not meaningful. See how you can use your time more wisely.

  1. Write in Box 1 what's most important to you. Where do you most want to direct the time of your life? (If you don't know, then complete Goal Setting Process on One Page.)
  2. Look at the different aspects of your life: job/career, home maintenance, family, parenting, health and fitness, care-giving, friends, volunteer work, relaxation, recreation, religion and spirituality, learning and self expression. Where do you spend too much time? Which areas do not receive enough of your time? Ideally, how much time would you give to each? Note your insights in Box 2. (For more direction, use the Dream Calendar tool.)
  3. What wastes your time? (Review our 100 Time Wasters.) What drains your energy? (Review our Energy Leaks list.) Write the top 5 problem areas in Box 3.
  4. What have you been procrastinating? Which goals have not been achieved? Which tasks remain incomplete? Write them in Box 4 and reflect on why you haven't completed them.
  5. In Box 5 write down activities you can let go of by delegating, discarding or delaying them.
  6. Where do you need to say 'no' to people who ask for or claim your time? How do you regularly sacrifice your own goals to meet someone else's needs? Write your responses in Box 6.
  7. How can you protect time for what matters most to you? Book time for yourself to work, reflect and review on your daily dream calendar and make notes of these times in Box 7.
  8. How can you be more efficient? Explore our 150 Time Saving Tips and write the top 5 time saver ideas for implementation in Box 8.
  9. In Box 9 create an action plan to take constructive steps to take back the time of your life.

Alternative Steps:

Time Management on One Page    Date: _______

1. What’s most important for my life? 2. What needs more time? Less time? 3. What wastes my time? What drains my energy?








4. What have I been procrastinating? 5. What can I let go of? 6. Where do I need to say "no"?










7. What times of the day can I protect for myself? 8. How can I be more efficient and effective? 9. My action plan









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