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I have always been an efficiency, problem solving, truth seeking nerd. The bigger the problem, the more investigative and creative my solutions. Through my 25 years of high tech engineering and my 25 years in the personal development field, I progressively strived to be better and better in all areas of my life. As I ran into productivity, healing, relationship, life purpose, mediocrity, and creativity roadblocks, I researched and created tools and new ways to break through. I sought to understand why I was creating greatness or just more life challenges. And today I am committed to my mission of "Sharing Manifesting Methods to Millions".

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Join over 1000 members and over 150,000 present and past subscribers who are committed to their own Inner Journey, Higher Awareness, and a Life of Purpose and Fulfilment.

For over 20 years Higher Awareness has been offering 40 programs, over 250 resources and thousands of emails to support seekers on their personal and spiritual journeys. Our claim to fame is the email support for every workbook and the unique problem solving tools created at the request of our members. We are strong believers in 'Drawing out your own wisdom' and offering choices - not advice. Our latest programs are about Raising your Awareness and Consciousness and Manifesting Your Dreams.

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Peter Leon

Your work has impacted me in many positive ways. I look forward daily for your insights. I have nothing but high praises and a sense of deep and profound gratitude for the work you do.


Excellence and Clarity are the words that begin to describe what I see in your writing and in the services you offer -- and SO much is offered; it's strong. ... your work stands out in contrast to anything I've seen on the web. WELL DONE.

Phyllis Foster

The daily lessons are keeping me focused in a way that is both meaningful and essential. Slowly but surely, I am beginning to 'open up' to these beautiful lessons, and day by day, they are indeed elevating my understanding and awareness considerably. It's going to take time but having a spiritual 'road map' has made a clear difference.

Our flagship, 3 month, Consciousness Raising and Manifesting Program

'intuit and DO IT' Awareness and Manifesting Program

Rebuild an Unbreakable Foundation

Coping? Self Sabotaging? Daily Dramas? Unfocused? Victimized? Create Clarity. Learn Life's Laws. Be more Productive. Reveal and Heal your Blocks. Uncover Life Challenges

Be who you were meant to be

Life seems superficial? Stuck in mediocrity? Can't get ahead? Not know who you are? Build Character. Find more Meaning. Grow in Awareness and Intuition. Improve Relationships. Release Your Authenticity

Manifest your dreams and purpose

Lack direction? Out of synch with the world? Not fitting in? Dreams out of reach? Develop Intuition. Live your life purpose. Manifest more miracles. Be more fulfilled. Rid Manifesting Blocks

Here are six easy ways to start benefiting from new WAYS of thinking during these chaotic TIMES.

Confidence and Decisiveness as You Know Yourself Better

Authenticity as You Heal Self Sabotaging Blocks and be the Real You

More Synchronicities,  Results and Miracles as You Elevate Your Consciousness

Productivity and Effectiveness as You Use our 5 Minute Worksheets

Self Reliance as You Trust Your Intuition and Higher Levels of Understanding.

Make Sense of Your Life from 3 Simple Models of Life and Universal Laws.

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Choose from 40 common life challenges and aspirations and be guided to the best of over 200 solutions and tools. What is your life challenge? We have the right tools.  Learn More

Life Planning Binder

Attain more clarity, focus, creativity, connection, meaning, intuition and results. Your convenient, "GO TO PLACE" for your worksheets, goals, Life-on-a-Page, daily practices, journal, cheat sheets... etc. Learn More

Coffee Questions

In 10 minutes, complete the perfect, 9 daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly 'Coffee Questions'.  Manage the big picture and details at the right time. Reminder service included. Learn More

New Ways of Thinking

New, fast paced, complex, challenging times require New Ways of Thinking. Develop more intuition, healing, and manifesting abilities.   Learn More

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